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The Success of Funding for Adventure Trails

John DanbyBlog posted on 14th March 2017 by John Danby

At Playscheme, we have years of experience working with schools and public play areas and have had great success when it comes to helping them obtain funding for their dream playground projects. 

Funding can seem like a minefield at times, especially when you have other important tasks to look after. But we understand how funding works, what's available in the way of Government and charity funds, as well as any other grants and hidden funding pots that you may not be aware of. 

Clatter Bridge-600

Monkey Hoops

As one of the UK's leading playground companies, we can guide you through the funding process from start to finish, before designing, building and installing your equipment in the best way to suit your requirements. We'll not only help you navigate through ideas for funding, but we'll help you with your applications. 

Building our business from the ground up, starting as a small family affair in our garage, our values shine through when it comes to dealing with people. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers and receive so many compliments about the service that we provide. Our customers are an extension to our business and we love to continue our support even when a project is finished, keeping in touch throughout the lifetime of their equipment. 

We've helped many a school and public play area through the funding process such as Thorpe Willoughby Parish Council, Osbaldwick Parish Council, Windmill Primary School, St Nicolas Primary School and Greystone Primary School, to name but a few, and we can help you, too!

Our funding process

Beginning a new play area project can be somewhat of an uncertain journey, not knowing where to look, who to ask, or how the process works. This is why we offer our help, share our experiences and top tips with you to get your fundraising underway. 

windmill Layout 5021JD15_A

Before you start, it's a good idea to get a really clear picture of what it is exactly that you're looking for and what you'd like to achieve before applying for funding. We like to help you to clarify your project, as it makes it so much easier when applying for your chosen method of funding. 

At Playscheme, we have an expert team of bid writers who are amongst the best in the country and will give you the very best chance of a successful bid. A bid that will present a funding body with all of the information about your project and requirements in a clear and concise way. Not only this, but we can help to paint a detailed picture of what sort of impact the money will bring, making a strong case for why you should be granted funding. 

We'll look at what you're trying to achieve and how to make your bid memorable, who will be involved and what you're looking to deliver. We'll also include a proposed budget for the project, including a breakdown of costs to show exactly where their money will be going. It's important to put forward a case for why they should support you over anyone else, as the funding world is pretty competitive! To navigate this, it's advisable to address a problem, and how they will help you with your solution. 

Greystone - New 5337JD15 Layout

Our funding service is provided completely free of charge, which we believe is extremely valuable to both schools and public play areas that have limited cash flow. 

Why our process is different

We look at all aspects of a playground project, we ensure that we really understand the needs of the school, play area or attraction that we're speaking to, and that the needs of the children who will use the equipment are adhered to. 

We look at a number of things when designing a play scheme, such as inclusivity of the equipment and whether it is age appropriate and accessible, ensuring safety from every angle. We will never recommend something that is of no use to the children who will be using it, and we understand this more than most. One too many times have we witnessed playground equipment that doesn't seem appropriate or that poses safety risks, and this is why we ensure always that we avoid this. 

6687 Trim Trail_A - St Nicholas

It's about getting active 

In this day and age, it's all about getting active. There are Government schemes and nationwide initiatives to get our kids fit and healthy, tackling obesity across the length and breadth of the UK.

From day one we've designed and built play areas that do just this, encouraging an active lifestyle with our sports and fitness equipment, while ensuring that the element of fun still remains throughout. Let's admit it, a lot of children shun exercise, so if we can help to make fitness fun, then we will do that! 

6937 Layout

Let their imaginations run free

Imagination is also key when it comes to an effective play scheme, and that's why we have developed our activity and adventure trails to inspire confidence, create opportunities for engaging conversation and play, as well as improving balance and co-ordination at every twist and turn. 

Our role play equipment gives children the ultimate freedom, bringing spaces to life with their own minds, becoming more confident every day through acting and performing. Creating many themed pieces of equipment, we can really help you to set your scene, working with you to design something that is bespoke to your school or outdoor play area. 

photo 5 (00000008)


Creating an all-weather play facility is important, especially in the UK where the weather can change at any minute! We can help you choose the best and most cost-effective surfacing options without scrimping on play value, and ensure that this is accounted for in your funding bid. 

We find that rubber mulch and honeycomb lawn mats give you the most bang for your buck, so we will usually recommend these materials within your new play scheme. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 13.56.01

What's coming up?

We're constantly helping with funding, it's an ongoing process here at Playscheme. In fact, we have completed many successful funding bids in the past few months and because of this, we're installing lots of new trails this Easter in schools, nurseries and parish council play areas around the UK. We promise to share these projects with you once they are finished!

Looking for help with funding? Call us today on 01904 607 677 for a chat and we can arrange a visit about your playground project. You can also contact us via email on mail@play-scheme.co.uk 

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