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Sizzling Play Products for Summer

Yes, it's finally hotting up, which we are all pleased about here at Playscheme. What better way to celebrate than to run down our favourite Summery products that will enhance play and help keep children cool. Keeping children cool during the hot summer months is imperative. The last thing we want is for our young ones to suffer with burnt skin. With a number of outdoor buildings and equipment, such as natural make-shift classrooms and shelters, we can help you to ensure that children are in the shade but can still enjoy the weather.

Take Learning Outside

Outdoor classrooms can be a god send when the temperature is rising and you don't fancy sitting inside all day. With our bespoke shelters, you can allow class and playtime to flow outdoors whilst offering protection from the sun and rain. If you also combine our shelters with creative play equipment, workstations and storage space, you will have the ideal multi-functional outdoor space. Here are just a few ideas...

  • Premier Shelter Classroom

Our premier classroom shelters are fantastic for creating a large outdoor sheltered space. With a truss style roof, with either UV protection materials such as greenboard or polycarbonate, it's the perfect solution for teaching on hot days. In a range of sizes and in a multitude of styles, depending on what you want, we can design, build and install your new shelter in no time.

  • Forest School Shelter 

The Forest School shelter is again, a huge outdoor space that is sheltered from sun and rain. This type of shelter comes with storage which enables the structure to be used as a base for exploring the great outdoors. Incorporating coat and welly hooks, children can take a walk there, hang up their belongings and go hunting for wildlife, before returning to chat about what they have found.

  • Gazebo 

Our beautiful natural timber gazebo is a great shelter for young ones, providing shade and a fantastic place to socialise with friends. As we create this completely bespoke to your requirements, we can create the perfect space for what you need. The gazebo can include balustrade sides with seating incorporated inside, which will fit usually around 15-20 children.

Sand and Water

In this weather, playing outside with water and sand can help kids to cool down, it can also make them feel like they're on the beach (sort of). Sand and water provides children with the opportunities to experiment with different materials during play, allowing them to see how they change when mixed together. Not only does this type of play delight the senses, especially for young ones; but it also challenges and promotes all areas of development. We have a range of sand and water products such as the following...

  • Water Tray

Our water tray is a fun way to get children interacting with one another. And who doesn't like a splash of cold water on a sizzling hot day? The way that this piece of equipment works is that the water is transported through a system of channels and trays, allowing the liquid to free flow between the platforms. We can design and fit any configuration that you desire, and the tray is also manufactured from stainless steel with a push up plug to drain the water when finished.

  • Large Sandpit with Sliding Cover

Our large sandpit is excellent for sunny weather, as children can spend hours building sandcastles and sculptures without any interruptions of rain. Well, I guess you never know with this British weather! The sandpit comes with a sliding lid, allowing the adult to tidy away the sandpit when children have finished playing in it. The lid also has a hexagrip surface which creates a thick, durable and slip-resistant platform when closed. The sandpit can also be locked in both the open and closed position.

  • Water System

Our water system is great fun for all ages, especially young ones. They love watching the water trickle down, from channel to channel and changing the direction of it each time they funnel the water in at the top. The way that it works is that the water is transported through a series of channels and taps, giving children the decision on which way they want the water to travel. This piece of equipment can be mounted on a wall, or on posts and can be made to fit specific sizes. This particular piece of play equipment promotes exploration of the natural world and helps to develop hand-eye coordination. Made from a high quality exterior grade plywood with a tough wearing, green coloured moisture resistant coating, the water system comes with taps and timber gullies, with a mixture of tilting and static. We have plenty of other products that we can install as part of your existing playground, or as an element of a brand new play scheme. Browse our website for our range of products, or contact us for a chat to discuss your playground requirements. We can build anything you want!

Call us on 01904 607677 or drop us an email to mail@play-scheme.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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