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New CNC Machine Takes Play to the Next Level

James GreenBlog posted on 5th April 2017 by James Green

We believe in investing in ourselves as a business and in our employees, ensuring they always have the equipment they require to keep pushing the boundaries when designing and manufacturing new and bespoke products. This allows us to be as creative as possible to create fun, unique and inspirational environments. With this in mind, we've just invested in a brand new CNC machine!

A CNC machine uses router pieces to cut very accurate and organic pieces and patterns in wood and other materials quickly, which can be repeated time and time again; improving our lead times on standard products as well as leading the way with our bespoke projects.



Our Technical Draftsman, George, who joined us back in November 2016, ensures that we get the most out of the CNC machine, creating technical drawings to communicate designs between the design team, the production team and the various sub-contractors we work with on a regular basis. In addition to this, he is involved with the development and design of components used in a wide range of projects; this includes the use of the brand-new CNC router to create more complex designs.

When we purchased the new CNC machine we also needed to invest in new software such as AutoCAD, which enables us to produce super accurate technical drawings for manufacture and for stress testing by structural engineers. This has allowed us to take on evermore extravagant projects!  One of which we will be able to show you soon so keep checking our blog!


As well as having the expertise from George, our workshop staff have also taken a two-day training course with Radecal, leading manufacturer of CNC machines, on how we can best use the equipment. This intensive course included streamlining our production techniques and learning a specialist CNC CAD package for creating basic drawings, which we found extremely beneficial to our work going forward. 

George says of his role: "I enjoy the privilege of being able to work with a large number of skilled individuals on various projects and designs and following the progress from initial designs to finished product." He also loves the challenge of the job, saying: "I often work on time-sensitive projects which may be the result of months of planning, requiring speed and efficiency in the production of technical specification drawings; this means I have to be on the ball all of the time." 

After recently completing a huge project for an outdoor attraction in the UK, George, Jonny and the rest of the team are proud to see that all of their months of preparation, planning and hard work has paid off - and that's also partly down to our new bit of kit!

School Furniture 

So, as well as the big projects we have mentioned but cannot yet reveal, there are a few other projects that we can use the CNC router on, one of which is school furniture, which is proving very popular with our customers. 

We are currently manufacturing indoor furniture for school quiet areas, libraries and classrooms resulting in quite a large range of high quality bespoke furniture. 

In fact, we can create pretty much anything, and that's why we are the number one playground company, giving you unique and bespoke designs whatever your specification. 



If your school is in need of new furniture, or you're looking for something completely unique for your themed area then we can help! Just call us on 01904 607 677 or email mail@play-scheme.co.uk for a chat. 

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