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How to Spend Your Sugar Tax Funding

The government has recently announced that schools across the UK are set to receive £415 million from a levy on sugary drinks in order to boost a healthier lifestyle. But what does this mean for you and how should you spend it?

The soft drinks industry levy that was announced in last year's Budget, is said to be allocated to schools up and down the country in 2018-19 as funding to help with facilities for physical exercise as well as mental health. 


Speaking earlier this week, Education Secretary, Justine Greening, said that the Government are determined to tackle childhood obesity, inactive lifestyles and unhealthy eating. It's the most recent initiative to be launched by the Department of Education, which has said to be investing more than £1.3 billion into school breakfast clubs, free school meals and the PE and sports premium. 

The levy itself was imposed on soft drinks and increases with the amount of sugar they have in them, resulting in a pot of money that will go towards improving health in schools.

All state-funded primary and secondary schools, as well as sixth forms will receive a chunk of the sports levy, but there will also be a bidding process in place for specific projects. 

How will you spend your sugar tax funding?

We have plenty of sports and fitness equipment that you could think about investing in. All of our equipment encourages children to not only interact together but improves their confidence, co-ordination and overall physical fitness. 

Adventure Trails

Perhaps you'd like a brand new adventure trailAll our trimtrail and adventure trail equipment offers challenges of wobbles, climbs, traversing, balancing and swinging, as well as ascents and descents. We're extremely experienced in creating bespoke pieces of play equipment that offer challenges for all ability levels and ages, from nursery to young adults. 

AT007  -  Burmah Bridge  -  Main Image

Our Adventure Trails can include any of the following:

  • Log Walk - Helps to develop core skills; including balance, strength and co-ordination 
  • Stepping Stone - An essential to any playground, helping to develop core strength, balance and co-ordination
  • Burmah Bridge - Balance and traverse your way across the spanned chain using the hand hold chains to help you
  • Traverse Net - Traverse and wind your way through the net using lower and higher levels to get from one side to the other; great for building confidence and co-ordination skills
  • Clatter Bridge - This is a great piece of equipment that uses timber slats connected to ropes to create a moving surface for children to navigate over
  • Monkey Hoops - Be a monkey and swing from bar to bar; a great challenging piece of equipment, perfect for building strength 
  • Balance Beam - The simple but fun balance beam is a great piece of equipment for adventure trails and can be combined with other larger pieces of our equipment 
  • Horizontal Twist Net - A very large net to navigate across developing balance and co-ordination

We offer lots more products too, which you can find in our Adventure Trail products section, but we are also up for a good challenge, so will create a piece of play equipment totally bespoke to you, your specifications and the area you intend it to sit. 

Climbing and Adventure 

We develop and build tower systems and climbing equipment that are perfectly perfect for playground settings and school environments. This equipment will encourage children to stretch themselves physically and gain confidence. In fact, our climbing and adventure equipment is second to none. 

Forest Maze

Why not try some of the following:

  • Zip Line - A great asset to any playground, allowing children to fly in the air from one side of a park to the other 
  • Forest Climber - A very large piece of equipment with good play value, encouraging co-ordination and strength 
  • Forest Maze - Twelve posts with eight moulded rock grips on each to traverse from one post to the next. 
  • Triple Tower - One of the largest tower units we produce, it combines multiple types of equipment for different abilities
  • Twin Peaks - A great feature piece to any playground, with a pyramid tower, log walk and inclined netting for climbing
  • Altitude Tower - Our largest tower, measuring 9m high! Climb to the top and whizz down to the bottom on the tube slide

Take a look at our other climbing and adventure products, all of which can be purposefully designed for your space. 

Sports and Fitness

Invest your sugar tax money in great sports and fitness equipment! We have many different products in this range, helping to tackle obesity head on and improve health across the UK. 

Spofforth - Pitch Putt in use

These are just some of the pieces of equiment that we could install into your play scheme:

  • Basketball Net - For sports, our basketball net is a must for any playground. Great for basketball as well as other creative ball games
  • Hurdles - Suitable for budding athletes of all abilities, our set of five hurdles are tapered in height to challenge all users
  • Up and Over Wall - Test your strength and agility with our large up and over wall 
  • Double Air Walker - An excellent piece of apparatus providing fantastic cardiovascular exercise and helps to develop leg muscles. This is very popular with joggers, allowing for a full range of movement in the hip joints
  • Leg Lift Station - A great piece of equipment to test your strength. Use to perform knee raises and leg lifts to strengthen and improve your abdomen and upper thighs 

Activity Space 

Check out our brand new activity space for all under £12k + VAT! Such a great way to make good use of your sugar tax funding. Installed onto your existing tarmac playground, you will get al of the following:

We can also help with other types of funding, so you don't just have to rely on the sugar tax to get the playground that you want. We have an expert team of bid writers who are amongst the best in the country and will give you the very best chance of a successful bid. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.18.44

Still don't know how you want to spend this funding, or what it's about? We're more than happy to chat to you about the endless possibilities we have to transform your outdoor area, while increasing fitness levels in your school. 

Contact us on 01904 607 677 or mail@play-scheme.co.uk to arrange a no obligation consultation, an informal chat and a cup of tea. We'd love to hear from you! 

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