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Learning doesn't need to take place indoors!

James GreenBlog posted on 21st September 2018 by James Green

Outdoor learning and play at Kings Cliffe School

Headteacher Lynda Bowyer commissioned Playscheme to design and build a new nature and sensory learning space.

Items included an outdoor resource centre with bi-folding doors, a sensory footpath, stream play system with push-button water, a dipping pond area and nature space.

20180918_103724 copy

DSC_6953 copy

DSC_7006 copy

DSC_6814 copy

We also built the Drasil House, including a balcony and bench with storage and a music zone with high-quality soprano quartet ensemble, including congas, babel drum, cadenza and soprano pentatonic with stainless steel legs, all rounded off with benches.

DSC_6828 copy

When the project first kicked off, particularly wet weather flooded the site, but we managed to create a drainage system and work continued!

Pond and water features

The water-based elements really allow for children to learn in a different way - they can see in practice capacity, forces, floating and sinking, lifestyles and habitats - and of course, have fun at playtimes too!

DSC_6812 copy

Forest School

This part of the outdoor learning area includes a resource room with glass side windows and coloured glass roof verges. This is a good-sized space with an open side, so the children will be able to enjoy learning about different topics in an outdoor environment throughout the year.


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