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Creating a contemporary shelter for Graham School

Steve DanbyBlog posted on 24th October 2017 by Steve Danby

With an empty space to fill and no sheltered outdoor area, Graham School contacted Playscheme with plans to transform their empty space into a large courtyard, complete with seating facilities. 

Known for our bespoke products and designs, we took the project on with enthusiasm and designed the perfect shelter for the school. Our skilled design team suggested one of the largest shelters Playscheme have ever built, a 4m high 10m x 15m shelter. 

IMG_3761 edited

Creating a light and open space

From the design, to the materials used, the shelter maintains a contemporary appearance. Our experienced team opted to use a Triple Wall Polycarbonate roof to protect against UV rays, whilst also letting sunlight through to create a light, open space. The large, protected area provides the ideal area to sit in all weather conditions.

Functionality combined with modern design

Features that were included to increase the practicality of the shelter were cleverly constructed into design features to give an overall modern appearance. 

In order to manage the water running down the roof, the roof was split into three parts and the water will be diverted down by three pipes. With two sections facing one direction and one facing the other direction, the different sections are designed to create a distinctive look.

Made from 150m² of polycarbonate roofing and a massive 590m of timber, the size of the shelter meant that it was necessary to install concrete pad foundations with attached galvanised steel feet. These were also made into a design feature by creating strong vertical lines throughout the structure which also visually decreases the weight of the shelter.


Having fulfilled their aim to improve the empty space and create the perfect shelter for the children, parents and teachers, Grahams School are delighted with the result.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our shelters, get in touch today for a free appointment and quote.

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