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FS002 - Timber Fencing (1.2m High)

FS002 - Timber Fencing 1.2m (h)

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Product Description

Our 1.2m high timber fencing is great for boundaries and securing specific areas.  As with all our timber fencing its construction complements and softens the look of any outdoor area.  Complying with BS EN 1176 our half round timber pales are spaced to allow visibility and maintain an open feel to the area.



  • Pressure treated timbers
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Concrete foundations
  • Price
    Contact us for details
  • Play Type
    Fencing and Surfacing
  • Age Range
  • Installation Time

10 years Warranty for Round and Square Timber against rotting and insect infestation installed in the ground.

10 years Warranty for Square and Round cut timber against rotting and infestation installed above ground.

5 year Warranty for Installation on Play Equipment against poor workmanship.

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